Adam lazzara dating chauntelle

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Maybe they realized they'd pushed their luck to the breaking point, and that's why new second guitarist Matthew Fazzi seems not to sing at all on TBS's aptly named fourth album, "New Again." There are a few instances of backing vocals on the album, though generally only on the choruses of songs, and even then they are mixed far in the background and appear to just be additional tracks of Lazzara rather than anyone else.

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For the third time in four albums, they've had a major lineup change, and just as in previous cases, I was worried that this change would ruin their sound.

During the verses of the song, as Lazzara sings his lead vocals, a low, quiet backing vocal repeats the phrase "How long," which Lazzara responds to: "...before I'm just a memory? " I wish the backing vocals weren't mixed so low, but I'll take what I can get, and they work well the way they're used. Lazzara sings of a frustrating relationship, in which he, the hopeless romantic that's always willing to take the risk, can't get the object of his affections to take the chance on romance.

He urges her to go for it, but phrases the taking of the risk in the form of a punch: "Lover, lover on the fence, bat your eyes, ball your fist and swing." As he reaches the final word, multiple backing vocals swirl around him, repeating "swing" several times in different harmonic variations.

Let’s not forget the absolutely epic closer, “Everything Must Go,” with its brutally honest depiction of Lazzara’s relationship with Eisley guitarist Chauntelle Du Pree failing miserably.

Lazzara’s lyrics also tackle addiction, betrayal and, oddly, firearms.

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