Adult dating for spanking

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This web page is a sub-page of my erotic spanking stories site, Wintermute's Spanking Stories.

The page started out as a small annotated listing of adult spanking related blogs and web sites that I look at frequently.

I have to "discipline" myself (which is never as fun as having someone else do the "disciplining"), since the time I tend to spend reading and responding to these sites is getting in the way of other projects (like writing more spanking stories).

These wonderful blogs are an example of how the Web supports expression and creativity.I think of the writer John Mc Phee as the classic example of such a writer.Many of the bloggers linked to here have some measure of Mc Phee's skill (Mc Phee has few equals, even among professional writers).What I find fascinating about this list of web page links is that the vast majority are written by women.Most of these women are bottoms (e.g., they get spanked, in contrast to tops who give spankings).

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