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Pause echo Step 1) To find your IP addres open up command prompt in the Start Menu for windows users.Pause echo Step 2) Type "ipconfig" as soon as it opens.Pause echo Step 3) Record the IP address, and type it after the word "messenger" Pause echo Step 4) Begin chat room use Cls color c pause echo this code was created by Superman pause Cls echo !!! this code was not created nor intended for illegal use!!!echo This is your last chance to close this program or you will be entering the chat room!This program was not copied and pasted, it was made from scratch, you can copy and paste it (If you do not want to learn the code). I made a chat room with notepad, I just used my computer. l read a few tutorials, and over time I built up knowledge on how to create multiple different operable batch files.

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echo ================================================================ ping -n 2 echo ACCESS DENIED pause Exit : OPTION4 echo Are you sure you want exit?

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