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At CGI we understand that Scotland will truly flourish by bridging the digital skills gap and embracing the capability of small medium enterprises.

That is why we are committed to working closely with local SMEs in many of our projects and to developing the skills of workers by backing initiatives such as the modern apprenticeship with Skills Development Scotland.

Unix time is a single signed integer number which increments every second, without requiring the calculations to determine year, month, day of month, hour and minute required for intelligibility to humans.

Modern Unix time is based on UTC, which counts time using SI seconds, and breaks up the span of time into days almost always 86,400 seconds long, but due to leap seconds occasionally 86,401 seconds.

As is standard with UTC, this article labels days using the Gregorian calendar, and counts times within each day in hours, minutes, and seconds.

Some of the examples also show International Atomic Time (TAI), another time scheme, which uses the same seconds and is displayed in the same format as UTC, but in which every day is exactly 86400 seconds long, gradually losing synchronization with the Earth's rotation at a rate of roughly one second per year.

A Unix time number is easily converted back into UTC by taking the quotient and modulus of the Unix time number, modulo 86400.

The quotient is the number of days since the epoch, and the modulus is the number of seconds since midnight UTC on that day.

The Unix time number increases by exactly 86,400 each day, regardless of how long the day is.

This extra second keeps the days synchronized with the rotation of the Earth, per Universal Time. There is a problem with this definition, in that UTC did not exist in its current form until 1972; this issue is discussed below.

For brevity, the remainder of this section uses ISO 8601 date format, in which the Unix epoch is 1970-01-01TZ.

A leap second in UTC shares the same Unix time as the second which came before it.

Unix time may be checked on most Unix systems by typing - 1) seconds from on 1 January 1970, which will happen on 19 January, 2038 UTC, with the exact time depending on the unpredictable leap seconds.

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