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We encourage to contact us while proposal is in preparation or at the early stage of realisation of the project. [email protected](tel.: 48 32-237-24-88 or 48 32-237-22-16) before samples submission.In case when fast results are needed we can perform fast measurements. The samples should be accompanied by filled sample description forms in either paper or electronic format.The prices listed above are the basic ones applied for measurements of individual samples.In case of orders comprising measurements for more than 5 samples and in case of scientific institutions the price is agreed individually with the submitter and are lower than basic prices.The journal also publishes occasional special issues.Submissions are welcome for regular articles in the form of research reports, technical descriptions and date lists, as well as comments, letters to the editor, book reviews and laboratory lists.

Single samples (less than five) cost CHF 680.- each.Measurements of natural concentrations of C isotope in samples of organic or inorganic matter containing carbon enable assessment of their isotope age, i.e. This isotope age may be converted into calendar age by applying established calibration procedures. The numbers given here are based on the assumption of at least 1% organic carbon.We prefer cooperation by participation in research projects or some other way of scientific cooperation, that would conclude interpretation of research results and joint publications. (3) The precision of a radiocarbon determination (so-called "laboratory error") depends on the amount of carbon extracted from the sample after the required preparation technique (larger sample = larger precision) and also on the age of sample (older samples = smaller precision).The NERC Radiocarbon Facility (East Kilbride) is a central facility for the UK's Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), providing dating support in the environmental sciences.The laboratory has an "open-door" policy for all existing and potential users of its facilities at all stages of their research projects, and collaboration is strongly encouraged.

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