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The reason for Hall-Marking as mentioned earlier, was to protect the purchaser, but over the years the marks had been somewhat confusing.

In 1973 the Hall-Marking act resulted in simplifying marks and making it easier to recognise and understand. Antique Silver Spoons and Canteens - Information, Advice and Sales To provide a forum for anyone interested in antique silver spoons also to provide links to all web-sites with an interest for the spoon collector ...

They are located at 55 Clarendon Street, in the centre of Dublin.

Hall-Marks in silver are authenticating marks, struck onto the silver by an independent assay office, once they had been assayed or tested for purity. To maintain this standard further a date letter was introduced in 1478 using the alphabet.

In 1973, there was a mark introduced to celebrate Ireland’s entry into the EEC. These are an invaluable aid, and are highly recommended!

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This duty was originally carried out at Goldsmiths hall in London.So extensive had been the abuse of clipping or melting silver coins, silversmiths were forbidden to use the sterling standard for their wares.Instead a newer, higher standard of 95.8% pure, was introduced.Generally, there will also be a date letter; this identifies the year that the piece was assayed in.Occasionally, (often in the mid-1700s), the date letter was omitted, for reasons not fully understood! The latter changes every 12 months, and either the font of the shape of the mark changes every time a new cycle starts. You can see that the shape of the lower part of the shield has changed slightly.

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