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Stay within a planned time frame – if you are meeting for coffee, don’t let things go on for more than an hour or so.It is always good to have a specific time and place to be after the date so that everyone knows the parameters of time.Make sure your friend doesn’t have too far to travel and try to meet somewhere that’s convenient for both of you.For the meeting, you should pre-arrange a visual clue so that you can easily identify each other.Either way you may experience some resistance from your children once you plan to meet up with someone that you met online.Eventually they will find out, so you have to choose your time carefully to advise them about your activities.You will have a pretty good idea about the person you’re about to meet and what they look like.

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After all, you will probably recognize each other anyway from your photos.

Hearing your date’s voice for the first time can be a bit of a surprise.

Be prepared for it not to match their image or how you’ve imagined they will sound from their emails and online chat, but you may get a nice surprise!

With all the knowledge you’ll already have about them, combined with the fact that you’re both excited to meet each other, the chances are that things will be great; and with that extra added ingredient, chemistry, things could be wonderful.

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