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We crossed the threshold of Biltmore House and enter the Entrance Hall to take in the sights and the sound of echoes past.

We become immersed in the stone arches crowned with a wood vaulted ceiling as we heard to the faded clicks of heels on polished marble floors.

What better place to enjoy the outdoors than the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We now move from the personal confines of masculinity and enter the grand expanse of male ingenuity, power and excellence..Banquet Hall.

This is one of the three grandest rooms in the house, any work of art is pale in comparison to the architectural art within the Banquet Hall.

Hunt also designed the furnishing, an oak dining table with 64 chairs and two throne chairs in gilt trim.

A bright day yields strong interior light an overcast day creates ’re both equally intriguing.Light fell in abundance from ceiling to floor, thru the neighboring room.To the left, another shower of sunlight flows gently down a spiral marble staircase like a silky veil of light cascading over a waterfall.The Smoking Room was an all male gathering parlor, fashionable for country houses, here men chomped on cigars, smoked pipes and puffed on cigarettes.They likely sipped brandy and either talked business or read from its library of books.

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