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In the 19th century, liberal minds advocated the active assimilation of minorities as a good thing.Although Lord Durham, in his famous 1839 “Report on the Affairs of British North America,” recommended the assimilation of French-Canadians, it was not out of contempt for French culture—his report contains some very complimentary passages about France.

The selection criteria also include applicants’ human capital, along with their professional and linguistic skills.He thought that to be French in France was good, but was committing a grave error in believing that to be francophone in the British Empire was a handicap, a sterile isolation, and so these people, for their own good and for the future of their children, had to become British like the others.Thankfully, Canada did not become a uniform country, and by following a different path than the one set out by Durham, it is today one of the best equipped to capitalize on the extensive intermingling of populations in the 21st century.We can try to contain it and avoid it as much as possible, or we can mould it so that it becomes a strength, a source of enrichment. I will add to it the rallying cry of Chancellor Merkel and Vice-Chancellor Gabriel: “Wir schaffen das.” We’ll make it.There are reasons for being hopeful and optimistic.

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