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She has this incredible gift of compassion that allows her to understand what her partner’s going through.

This can make her a very good listener because she is able to put herself in other people’s shoes.

You wouldn’t want to be her enemy, for she can use her incredible moral value and goodness to beat you in less than a minute. She will be faithful and true for as long as she feels safe and satisfied.

She is not a good pick for signs that seek extreme excitement and constant change, because she likes to hold on to things that make her happy and won’t easily change her house, partner or a circle of friends.

However, her need to value tradition is not something she will hold on to over emotion, so try to choose something practical, not too expensive and most importantly, something that feels like her.

This happens because she carries that motherly instinct inside every inch of her body and wants to protect her “child” from anything evil that may come.

She is actually very strong and as all mothers, ready to give her life for the ones she loves.

Although she might seem too mellow and soft, she is a true fighter when motivated and needs her partner to understand this.

She will not care about specific occasions if you show understanding for her emotional reactions and needs that form along the way.

Still, it is best to show respect for tradition, and if she always got flowers for her birthday, it is a good thing to buy flowers each year.

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