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Since then, Lee has been the lead product manager on a new feature that will make that possible: old-school, real-time, type-and-go chatrooms on Reddit.

The company has been testing the feature with a small group of communities and plans to roll out to the rest of Reddit at the end of this month.

The experiment proved something to Lee and other members of the product team: When strangers come together on Reddit, beautiful things can emerge.

But Redditors needed new ways to come together, a new medium to talk outside of the community-based posts and threads.

Chat also changes the nature of conversations on Reddit.

"There are different levels of formality involved in posting versus chatting," says Le.

“People felt like they were pioneers creating community homesteads on the electronic frontier, as Howard Rheingold described it,” says John Suler, the author of Reddit’s chat feature hopes to reintroduce some of that early web spirit.

Chatrooms will be organized by subreddit; only moderators will be able to create them.

Each room includes a sentence or two to explain what it’s about, but there aren’t full-on community rules here like there are in subreddits.You can see how many people are in the room and scroll up to read the last 14 days of chat history.(Reddit started beta-testing subreddit-based chat with zero chat history, but expanded it when people complained it was impossible to start conversations.Redditors had used all of those—both as places for moderators to hold discussions and as relaxed social spaces for communities.But Reddit wasn't really any of those platforms.

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