Daniel craig who is he dating

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After the divorce, his dating life continued with two women in the film industry that he did not marry.

That he did was a triumph for Craig, who suffered horrendously at the hands of the press while making Casino Royale.

Were it not for the fact that the first disappointed, the second was a dud and the third sank without trace, this might have been a good move. "I'm not looking for stuff that's the antithesis of a Bond movie just because I think that's what I should do," he says.

The problem for Craig is that because the Bond iconography is so strong – and because he has already made such a mark in the role – it's sometimes hard to accept him as anything else.

Craig explained that during his first marriage, he was too young so he handled the marriage immaturely.

Sadly they divorced after two years in 1994 but before the divorce they were already parents to a beautiful daughter Ella.

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