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You can get swept along with things and start putting more time into things that you would like to ideally.

Which I don't really want and keep going back and forth on if I am doing the right thing when I have fault in this as well.

Usually they tell you that they love you very early on.

However the more you give them in return and when you give them what they want (more time, affection whatever it might be) the less happy they seem to be with you.

So I need to tell my Dad all of this so he doesn't find out from someone else. Then we need to prepare the family for what may come because we are well known in the community. How do I tell my Dad this so he can prepare himself without destroying him? English is my second language and I am kind of tired so please bear with me.

I have been married to husband [31] for 1 year, together for 3,5. They know I will find and know it must have been them since we do not have other friends from their culture.

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