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Depending upon the type of evidence involved, the analyses to be undertaken (traditional serology or DNA), and the particular laboratory to which the evidence will be referred, known sample collection and preservation requirements may vary.Cigarettes Cigarettes are occasionally employed as delay devices in the firing trains of flame-ignited incendiary devices.If any of these items are present, obtain expert assistance prior to attempting the collection of dangerous materials.Never collect an unexploded device; clear the area and call the bomb squad.If moist blood is available for collection, such as from a pool on a tile floor, use a clean dropper to collect as much as possible (up to 10 cc) into a glass vial.Add an equal volume of isotonic saline solution (0.9% sodium chloride) to the vial. Or, you may soak up the moist blood with a new, sterile gauze pad, air dry the gauze pad, then collect the gauze pad as described above in steps 2-4.Cigarettes may also bear fingerprints, saliva, lipstick and cosmetic residues, and other trace evidence.

The following guidelines for the collection and preservation of questioned blood, body fluids and tissues are included here as a general reference; the investigator should get precise instructions on handling serological evidence from a certified crime scene technician or from the serology section of their jurisdiction's forensic laboratory or the ATF or FBI National Laboratories. Document any body fluid patterns, spatters, stains, pools, drops, and the like with close-up scaled photographs and medium distance context-establishing shots. Any item or material bearing suspected blood, semen, saliva, other body fluid stains or tissues must be allowed to air-dry at room temperature prior to packaging; exposure to direct sunlight and/or heat should be avoided.Milly Glass Works is Audited and certified by ISO 9001/22001.ISO 14000 and FSI Certifications Process is being Audited and will be awarded in due course of time.We presently manufacturer Soft Drink Bottles with ACL decorating from 200 ML to 1000 ML capacity.We also manufacture 250 ML and 350 ML flasks and 750 ML bottles for the Spirits Industry.

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