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You can’t cut a campaign ad with someone else making an ass of themselves: You’ve got to get the footage of on his bias.The idea that cops and FBI agents don’t form opinions about their targets is ludicrous.“There must be a payoff for this smell.” “Um, nothing really,” our Earth representatives answer. But that’s expensive, and no one wants to eat food grown with human crap.We just try to clean it up a bit before pumping it out into the water.” “Wait, what? “Yeah, we don’t really have much use for it.” “Wow, that is a lot of stupid, pointless, sh**,” the alien says with a look of disgust (which we’d recognize if we could interpret the aliens’ facial cues). I don’t know if I can remember a dumber week in which to follow the news.Well, there’s a nifty trick I’ve picked up over the last two decades: I ask someone something like, “How do you pronounce this person’s name again?” (It works every time.) If you don’t want to take my word for it, I can attest that I’ve actually witnessed the likes of Charles Krauthammer and Bret Baier do this too.

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” But in this case, the more pressing question is, “When does it end?If you try to sound it out phonetically, you get the onomatopoeia for a guy trying to say “string” at the exact moment he sticks a fork in a toaster.But this guy has been in the news for 8 trillion years (I exaggerate for effect, but it does feel that way).On many occasions, I’ve been on the set of, say, , getting ready to talk about the day’s news.Sometimes, however, there’s a new name to discuss, which I’ve only read in print, and I don’t know how to pronounce it.

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    As for the EU commission itself, it took a cautious line on Friday on the matter.

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