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In the Greek community, members are not fraternity brothers or sorority sisters in name only; rather, they literally feel a mutual fraternal connection. Your child will be explained the expected financial obligations to join and remain active in the organization by the chapter prior to receiving an invitation into the organization.

100% of the fees associated with joining and remaining active in the organization stay with the organization.

The Office of Greek Life and the University typically does not get involved with organization and member’s dispute over fines.

100% of fines stay with the organization and the University will receive no portion of the amount.

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Joining a fraternity or sorority at Southeast Missouri State encourages men and women to develop leadership skills, achieve academic success, to serve a community, and to develop lifelong friendships.

Chapter reserves the right to fine members as outlined in their chapter constitution and by-laws.

Your child should review the constitution and by-laws of their organization to always be knowledgeable about what would generate a fine.

Active - a fully initiated member in a fraternity or sorority.

Alumnus - an initiated member of a fraternity or sorority who is no longer in college.

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