Dating simulation english

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Since its launch in December 2017, the game has been downloaded 7 million times, with females representing 90 percent of the downloads.

Its January monthly revenue is expected to surpass 200 million yuan ( million), with a considerable chance of hitting 300 million yuan ( million).

Love and Producer 恋与制作人, a dating simulation game for mobile that launched last month, has become a sensation among young women in China.

According to Game Look, a Chinese gaming news website, the game made roughly 20 million yuan (.1 million) on its peak day and now has more than 4 million daily active users.

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However, since the genre originated as romance games for women and took many stylistic queues from manga, the protagonists are women, and the romance options are nearly always men.

The origins of the genre date back at least to series aimed at male players, which also came out in 1994.

These simulation elements lead to the term “dating sim game” (romance simulation game).

It begins with a memory of a car accident when the main character (me) was five years old — I was saved by a nameless boy who disappeared, and whose memory has haunted me for 22 years.

As the producer of a dying TV show, I have to find a “superstar” for the season finale.

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