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LST 794 Home Page - A World War II Coast Guard-manned LST. Mac Minn and dedicated to his father, William Stewart Mac Minn who served on LST 794.

URL submitted by Scott Mc Kay, son of signalman Donald S. Flight Aware - View ANY commercial flight or private IFR flight in progress.

The main difference is the game system; the first edition was percentile-based, while the second has a D10 dice pool mechanic.

To be honest, I don't particularly like Jovian Chronicles, by Dream Pod 9, is one of the best hard SF games out there.

A quick list of my favorite SF and RPG works includes: ; Maureen Mc Hugh's "anti-science fiction SF"; and some of Iain Banks' books. Note, though, that this page doesn't include everything related to SF and RPGs. I lived in Taiwan for a long time, and gaming in Taiwan also gets its own page; if you are in Taiwan and looking for local gaming resources, please go there.

The tech level definitely puts it in the ranks of hard SF: no FTL, no aliens (well, almost), no artificial gravity -- just realistically projected computers, drives, etc.

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This RPG is probably one the better designed backgrounds of anything available -- sort of the Hârn of SFRPGs.

The authors' ideas, particularly about biology and ecological issues, are excellent.

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