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But since Anna Maria Schickelgruber died when her son was 5 years old no one will ever know the real details of what seems a very complicated story. James is right in saying that Hitler wasn't a common family name in Germany.A look into the electronic telephone book shows no Hitler in all Germany, but 24 Hittler and still 3 Hiedler.A terrible untrue rumour spread after World War II about him being "Jewish" or half etc. There is no logical reason why if your father is a Jew you are not Jewish if you came from him, it's pure stupidity to insist, "Because it's just been that way for a long time" that therefore it must be true. Young Adolf realized he would have a lot of bullying if his classmates found out what "Gobblescock" translated to in english.This fact combined with young Adolf's amazing skill and love of baseball (another game introduced to him thru his nanny) ~ especially as a hitter ~ resulted in changing his last name to "Hitter". In Romania in the capital city of Bucharest there is a Jewish cemetery named Filantropia, Bulevard Ion Mihalache.The hitler family does still exsist but its a life time since the war....people should get on with their own lives You are all wrong his real name was "Dahtinzzer", Adolf Dahtinzzer!There's no way to prove to you because it's a covered truth that nobody knows about and you are too ignorant to believe!So, possibly, the addition of another "t" (which doesn't change pronunciation) might be the answer to the second question. I took the name of my stepfather at my mother's urging when I was 13-years-old.

His father took the name of his supposed father, which was spelled Hiedler or Hitler according to preference, when he was 40, well before Adolf was born. His half-brother Alois lived in Liverpool and had a son called William Patrick, who died in 1987. He is believed to have left 4 sons, who have decided not to have children in order not to perpetuate the line.I am 88 years of age now and when i escaped here to the Uk in 1945 I changed my name to hidler.I have been constantly harrassed over the years because of my name...But due to a bureaucratic error at the Austrian Ministry of Name Changes and Grouse Hunting ~ "Hitter" was incorrectly entered as "Hitler". Well, according to in the article, Povestea mormantului lui Hittler din cimitirul, a romanian net-site, there is a grave-stone bearing the name of a certain Adolf Hittler, died in 1892.Eventual researchers revealed that he was an Austrian tailor who moved to Romania. A name doesn't make the person you become it obvious the man had something not rite in his head.

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