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Then, when I'm tired and out of money, my plans are to return to Florida and rest until next year. I lived in a motorhome for 2 years and it was the experience of a lifetime.

I didn't have an itinerary like you, just went where the wind blew but it didn't lessen the experience.

I'm just out of a 25 marriage and it would not be fair to either of us to jump right back in. Much better on fuel and no problem driving in the city and finding parking.

But if your willing to throw caution to the wind and hit the road with a friend I'm the one. It is nice to have wifi just about every place now to keep in touch. ND, SD, NE them EAST through all states to NY State then back into Canada (Toronto) for most of the summer.

Tomorrow I plan to repair the generator and get it up and ready to go.

Granted, a large vehicle can be a little unwieldy but that's what having a "toad" car is for, to get into the small areas to site-see.

Right now, it's still a dream but I have hope for the future.rv'ing full time is also my dream.

In Atlanta I stayed at the Stone Mountain Campground which is fabulous. Unfortunately I was unable to buy the big 25K model I wanted, and settled for a more reasonable 4500.00 model I could pay cash for.

My 4 legged girlfriend Chloe loves to travel and how many hotels have real problems with pets. This fall I will head toward California and the Pacific and another month and a half to 2 months on the road. It's in decent shape, fully remodeled inside, and needed some engine tweaks and cosmetic repairs.

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