Dating top referrers 2016

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Almost three-quarters of internet users in the United States access Facebook as of April 2015.The social media video platform You Tube is the second most used social media site in the country, accounting for nearly 22 percent of all visits.These are the all-time top referrers to The EO List based upon current subscribers at December 31, 2014.The referral numbers vary here significantly from previous years, but are based upon double-opted current members who continued following our CASL compliance exercise.S., the visual social sharing platform has the second-largest reach among the U. online population– 31 percent usage rate as of April 2015 – and ranks the highest in customer satisfaction in the U. You Tube is ranked third in terms of user satisfaction, just behind Wikipedia.Social network sites are also especially popular on mobile.Reddit is the third most popular social media site with 5.3 of the share, closely followed by Twitter, which accounts for five percent.Even though Pinterest is the fourth most popular social media site in the U.

Dating does not include listings for all dating sites.

With the new scam making its rounds on Tinder, bots match with users then begin flirty chats that say things like which is just random enough to sound like a cheesy opening line.

Then, after a series of messages with the potential victim, the bot will ask the user if they’re verified on Tinder.

Research also shows that 15 percent of American adults with some college experience had used online dating sites, more than adults with a high school diploma or less, while Americans with higher incomes tend to use online dating more than those with lower incomes.

As of June 2015, the website number of users has reached 35 million, which cemented the website’s position as the leader of the online dating market in the United States.

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