Dating unicorn hunter

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Questions regarding the details of the original workmanship of the tapestries still remain unanswered.

The design of the tapestries is rich in figurative elements, similar to the art of oil painting, and appears to be influenced by the French style, The tapestries are rich in floral imagery in the garden backgrounds, featuring the "millefleurs" style, referring to a background style of a variety of small botanic elements.

Possibly the seven tapestries were not originally hung together. Rorimer in 1942 that they were commissioned by Anne of Brittany, The clue derived from the occurrence of A and reversed E tied with a cord in a bowknot throughout the series of tapestries.In the modern research, based on the possibility that the unicorn tapestries were designed for use as a bedroom ensemble, the five large pieces fit the back area of wall, while the other two pieces serve as the coverlet, or overhead canopy.Other sources give slightly different titles and different sequences.The vibrant colours, still evident today, were produced from dye plants: weld (yellow), madder (red), and woad (blue).One of the panels, The Mystic Capture of the Unicorn, only survives in two fragments.

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