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She then created a collaborative team called the Wealthy Woman Warrior™ Ambassadors, and together they collectively help corporate women leaders and women entrepreneurs reach their economic potential.

It is Wealthy Woman Warrior’s™ goal to empower 1 million women to reach their economic potential by 2025.

Andrea will offer 3 specific steps and a prolific mindset that will help you transform the way you approach collaboration and your rise to relevancy.

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That, in turn, can cause a dangerous condition in the mother that resembles preeclampsia, called mirror syndrome - marked by impaired circulation and severe swelling.

In some instances, the tumor was too far advanced for surgery, and the end result was a stillbirth.

In two cases, tumors were surgically removed at or after delivery, and the babies survived.

Hedrick, who led the team that removed Tucker's tumor.

"They really made it possible for Tucker to happen." For Tucker's mother, it all remains a blur.

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