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A reasonable match was accomplished, verifying the overall relationship.

The findings from this work were later used as input to a risk assessment seeking to quantify risk to loss of life and economic losses.

Economic damages were in excess of CDN million for emergency assessments and reconstruction costs alone (Alberta Transportation [1], ISL Engineering [2]).

This cost estimate does not include additional costs such as services provided by the fire department (e.g., time, food, or equipment), town staff (e.g., overtime, benefits, food, clothes, and equipment), or any costs associated with flood relief accommodations.

Using a cumulative magnitude frequency technique, the data for conventional debris floods were plotted up to the 100–300s year return period.

A peak-over-threshold approach was used for landslide dam outbreak floods occurring at return periods exceeding 300 years, as not all such events were identified during test trenching.

The former is the most common approach adopted by decision-makers, in part because it is a concept that is easily understood by both the public and policy makers.

Once the design event is quantified, the size and scale of the mitigation measures is then selected to protect against the specified design event.

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The blocked culverts at Highway 1 resulted in flows avulsing over the highway and down the median to the east (Figure 2).Alluvial fan hazard assessments have a rich history worldwide and in Canada (Jakob and Hungr [4]).Risk assessments, in contrast, are much rarer with only a handful of such studies published in the global literature (Dai et al. In terms of the management response to a known alluvial hazard, two approaches are typical: a fixed return period is chosen as the design event or a quantitative risk assessment (QRA) is conducted.The risk assessment then formed the basis for design of debris-flood mitigation structures.The southwestern Alberta mountain front was affected by a high intensity/duration rainstorm between 19 and 21 June 2013.

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