Difference betwee intervening and consolidating cases

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There's been more than enough of that at this article already. Weasel words are words or phrases that seemingly support statements without attributing opinions to verifiable sources. Weasel words would be Historians claim the city was stormed by Serbs.

So your issue is with the words not adhering to Wikipedia Neutral Point of View.

Like you say, he was quite possible its greatest ever official.

The Habsburg Serbs achievements rgeatly eclipse those of the Ottoman Serbs, like you youself implicitly admit, with your choice of the greatest Ottoman Serbs, one of whom wasn't an Ottoman subject for much of his life (the famous part), one of whom wasn't a Serb, and the third who was the Ottoman Empire's "greatest ever official".--estavisti , 22 October 2006 (UTC) Well, Bajica Sokolovic kept a Serbian national identity and became arguably the greatest Ottoman official in the history.

A controversy over the introduction of this article, has recently lead to an arbitration case, which was concluded with putting this article under probation, among other measures.

Before editing the introduction, please review the talk page archive and the arbitration case on Wikipedia: Requests for arbitration/Kosovo. Morgan (Reinoutr) , 21 October 2006 (UTC) The Arb Com made a weird decision: to ban Vezaso for one year - regardless of the fact that User: Vezaso is indefinitely banned as per being one of the many sockpuppets of User: Dardanv.

Then, again thanks to the high culture of the Ottomans, he published most, if not all of his works in Vienna.The achievements of the Habsburg Serbs - never surpressed the achievements of the Ottoman ones.--Pax Equilibrium , 22 October 2006 (UTC) I don't consider his change of religion a betrayal, but rather his leadership of the Empire that was oppressing Serbs."Special privileges were provided, which helped the survival of Serbs and other Christians in Kosovo." Only in relation to their previous status.They were still discriminated against in favour of Muslims. Devshirmeh There is also no section on Human Rights in Kosovo, which basically don't exist for Serbs and other non-Albanians.

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