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672 – 525 BCE) and from the reign of Darius: apparently such a contract then required the consent of the slave.

The study of slavery in Ancient Greece remains a complex subject, in part because of the many different levels of servility, from traditional chattel slave through various forms of serfdom, such as Helots, Penestai, and several other classes of non-citizen.

Other ways people could become slaves was by inheriting the status from their parents.

One could also become a slave on account of his inability to pay his debts. People also sold themselves into slavery because they were poor peasants and needed food and shelter.

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Masters could free slaves, and in many cases such freedmen went on to rise to positions of power.Some had domestic jobs, like taking care of children, cooking, brewing, or cleaning. They could be craftsmen or even get a higher status.For example, if they could write, they could become a manager of the master's estate.This would include those children born into slavery but who were actually the children of the master of the house.Their father would ensure that his children were not condemned to a life of slavery.

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