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Will be interesting to see if they've supercharged AF speed Looks promising but yes, I await to see some quality glass in the M mount. My 11-22, 22 pancake and 55-250 STM aren't in danger of getting some use.

having owned eos m and then more recently the eos m3, found them both good backups for DSLR but not something to replace them.

I mean the EF-M mount isn't new and has been around for 3 years? A patent is irrelevant, it is what features Canon put in the camera.

Canon just doesn't seem to want to compete and doing their own things.... And Canon crippled this one, like so many others, to protect their DSLR cameras. Not sure where you get the idea I'm trying to say one system is "better" than the other. I would say APS-C is a good enough reason in itself?

wasn't a particularly cheap combo either something like close to k with the 6300 body and the 24-105 equivalent it was conjoined to.

definitely be interesting what they achieve, dual pixel likely improve things significantly….however I suspect here as well if attaching an adapter will send things in a dive…unless they as per the previous post also bring out some special native lenses for the range :) I welcome a more "pro"/serious looking Canon mirrorless entry.

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