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Rebecca touched me in the darkness and I understood it was better to hide. When someone screwed the bulb in, the bridegroom entered the room. ) and embracing Sam and Rebecca went out of the small room leaving me there alone…Thanks to our audio processing advanced algorithms, we are now happy to offer you a unique and FREE media player with an advanced Virtual Sound Bar that enables any 2-speaker device to output virtual surround sound and produce sound images up to 6 times larger than normal.The unique sound algorithms powered by Media Player Morpher create an unbelievably accurate surround sound environment.Listen to these crystal clear sound tracks and let your own ears experience the simple application of these master algorithms to a standard, stereo version.Choose a sound mode from the Movie, Music, Sports and User modes to get a sound experience optimized for the content.The special User mode will allow increased volume, independent of the quality of the device’s speakers, and will eliminate any noise, buzz and hissing caused by the speakers or the quality of the recording.I was standing with my arms apart as if wondering what had just happened but in reality I was doing my best to delay the bridegroom and other guests for a couple of seconds. It was so unusual and interesting that everyone rushed to search for Samantha. I took an opened bottle of champagne, three glasses and an orange and went out of the restaurant. But nowadays there are so many sex toys and I can use my hands very well! She put the glass on the floor, we all heard the clinking sound it made, and stretched her hand over me wishing to check her guess.Usually four or five second were enough to hide the bride but this time if we took into account the age of the most of the guests about ten seconds passed when everybody understood that the bride had disappeared. I knew there was another entrance to the back rooms. She was doing that carefully trying to be unnoticed by us but I knew what she was up to as her shoulder moved a bit away from me but her breast pressed more.

We crossed our hands in the darkness and I kissed both of the women embracing their thighs. Then they wiped their gowns giggling as some of the sperm spotted the gowns. And we all together said in one voice: - We didn’t see anything! Their loud laughter attracted attention of those who wanted to get the reward promised for finding the bride. – We heard the sound of the door next to ours opening. – He kissed his wife (didn’t he feel the smell of semen???

So, I went to the dancing floor and waited until the couple was close to the exit to the back rooms. The man was puff and pant from the dance and didn’t even notice who had asked his partner for a dance. Fortunately no one decided that the girl had escaped or something. Samantha seemed to slowly realize what was going on and why her friend wasn’t talking anymore and was breathing so fast.

My wife was dancing with the best man near the couple of the day. At this moment Rebecca left her partner as well and pulled the bride to the back room having whispered something into her ear. They understood it was just a joke when the toastmaster, who I’d warned before, explained that the idea was to find the bride and then get the reward from the bridegroom. Besides, she could feel my thigh twitching rhythmically.

But her parents moved away and Rebecca lost contacts with the girl. By the way, we’re invited, and I’m going to be a bridesmaid! A “nice” man was a bald-headed but rather hunky 60-year-old fogy, very happy about his young bride.

Rebecca returned home late at night, red from the wine they had drunk and very happy: - Did you see how beautiful she is? But Rebecca was full of emotions and it was hard to stop her. It meant I had to buy her a new dress which had to be very good as she was not an ordinary guest! At the end of the slit there was a brooch in a shape of a leaf. ) When Rebecca made a big step the band of her stocking was seen in the slit. I wondered why they hadn’t taken their lovers with them. (bare shoulders, bare back covered with just a lacing of the corset, breast exposed almost up to the nipples and transparent insets on the sides of the dress – I think Sam looked very tempting in this attire, but ladies had their own opinion of course! (by the way, both of the ladies sitting near me had deep décolletés and long slits despite the huge amount of cellulite on their legs.

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