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To address the metaphorical 'elephant in the room,' as I believe you humans say, what happened last night between you and Twilight really was not preventable, mostly due to hormones."You see, your olfactory nerves are already that of a pony. Nice Twist on it though, that it took some special event before Twilight became like that as well though.

I believe they have been since you started changing. Do you just make this story up as you go along, or do you have a bit of a story line in your head?

You can also choose to go to a group show or a private show.

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I didn't see the Twilight part coming at all; that was very creative, heh.

This story, although a crackfic to a degree, is letting me explore and do things I'd never do otherwise. The dowvotes, and the amount of them, amount to what's probably a few factors.- Mature Sex story in the feature box.

Seeing as to how," Luna let out a cough, trying not to laugh, "Mr. Others concepts that come up in what usually ends up being an NSFW chat after a stray thought it latched onto my everyone online at the time. Let's see what comes out.' Basically, this is a refuge from serious planning and heavy work, if that makes sense.

But since I don't know of one this is hot enough to get my "Mr Thompson" at full attention. My character detest the idea of having sex, but she might end up like Elam here, minus the futa. I'd actually been reading Twisted Spectrum's stuff, as well as his clopfic where the protag of the story takes Cadance's place.

(he played hoffa for those who dont know) Only one thing could beat this: twin futa fuck with human and pony. Two things come to mind:1) If Twilight is using Elam's dick, seeing as how he no longer needs it, whose is Luna using? And dont worry, our discussion on my story was intriguing actually. Your Celestia is awesome, but Luna usually steals the show when her sister is a sadistic ruler, heh.2857280I wasn't expecting to see you here. 2859614Lol, yeah, this was something that literally came to be overnight (Think I wrote nearly 6,000 words in a single go, then another 5,100 words not days later? I was starting to struggle and lose a lot of quality with a serious story I've got brewing that I want to be top notch.

It is a fact of life, and there is no point being shy because of such.

She would surely take affront, as your mane is nearly the exact same color as her entire coat. You'll find that as a whole, Equestrians are very much open and casual about sex.

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