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If a webpage has an RSS feed, the icon will be orange. Subscribe to my blog and you’ll never miss my weekly posts!

If a website does not have an RSS feed, the normally orange icon will be gray. As I said in the opening graph of this post, you’ll need your RSS feed’s URL to synch your blog with your Goodreads, Amazon’s Author Central, and Triberr accounts. It’s easy, just enter your email address in the upper right corner of this page.

It’s not just for personal use though, as Goodreads-Facebook integration also works really well for businesses, groups and authors. Then, connect your Goodreads profile with your timeline.

Goodreads has created a presentation you can watch if you’re having trouble setting it up.

If that’s true for you, your blog URL will look like my friend Christine Nolfi’s.

Now that we’ve reviewed Website URL 101, we’ll move on.

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But not many people realise how further options work, even though it’s as simple as adding any other app, like Pinterest to a Facebook Page Most curators of visual content have a Pinterest account and either a Facebook account, page or group.

There’s a fix, though, you have to add an extension. Another no-brainer way to grab the RSS URL from a blog: If the “admin” widget has been enabled, you will see a sequence something like this, usually toward the bottom of the page: • Site Admin • Log out • Entries RSS • Comments RSS Click on “Entries RSS.” You’ll be taken to the RSS feed, and you can copy and paste the URL address in the browser window.

If you love Goodreads, but your friends and associates are all on Facebook, it’s time to integrate the two as best as you can.

Go to the Goodreads Page on Facebook, click the gear icon and choose “Add To Page” and choose the correct page from the list.

You can also reach this point via your Goodreads group, by clicking on the Moderator Tools & Guidelines, followed by the link to the Facebook Tab Page.

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