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The next day, they went on a weeklong vacation to Mexico, where she had sporadic internet access.She barely emailed me the entire time, leaving me to work on her book.My hours aren’t terribly long, but it is impossible to schedule anything since I don’t know my schedule in advance, and my health and self-care have taken a beating.I don’t have set hours, so she calls and texts at any time, and I never know when I’m done for the day.• One of my main roles is to work on her book, a memoir about the struggles of being a minority and a woman.I seriously suspect she has narcissistic personality disorder, and I know from experience that she doesn’t respond well when I try to explain myself or disagree with her.I’ve been depressed for months, but I’ve reached a new level of desperation.I don’t get paid extra for this; she says that would be unfair to the organization.We go through cycles where I think everything is fine, and then I get yelled at about something small that I didn’t realize was an issue.

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She’s given me two days to agree to therapy or write a list of all the reasons I won’t go with them and what I’ll do to change my behavior.She makes me come to her house to print things because she doesn’t want to open them on her computer.I write columns under her name, and then we go through upwards of six drafts as she makes minuscule tweaks, forgets she made those tweaks, and changes them back to the original, all while criticizing me for not making any sense.• She volunteered to watch her infant granddaughter twice a week, but she started leaving the baby with me while she goes to her law office.When I said I had done the task, she said she shouldn’t have had to remind me. Everything I said was met with a different criticism, I wasn’t sure what to do, it was late, and this wasn’t productive, so I didn’t respond to her last text (which hadn’t asked anything of me).Soon after, my dad called to say that Jill had yelled at him for half an hour about distracting me from my work.

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