Indecisive dating

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You shouldn't be so afraid to make decisions because life is meant to be lived, and you shouldn't have to mull over every single tiny decision for hours and hours. You actually have no idea, even though of course you should, because you're the one that actually went on the date, right?

You're honestly not doing yourself any favors there. Was it out-of-this-world amazing and the best night of your life, or the worst one ever, the kind of date that you'd be much better off pretending never even happened? If you don't stay single when you're super indecisive, you're just going to keep dating the same wrong people, and that helps literally no one -- not you and definitely not them.

You reschedule plans on a daily basis, you spend too many months dating total jerks that couldn't be more wrong for you, and you're pretty much miserable all the time.

You owe it to yourself to figure out who you want to spend your precious moments with, and what activities and hobbies are actually worth it.

You should definitely be savoring the moments that you share with your boyfriend, a new guy you're just getting to know, your best friends, your parents, and the list goes on and on.

Chatting over wine and fries with your girlfriends on Tuesday evening and having spaghetti and meatballs with your parents on a Sunday night is what life is all about. You know that everyone is pretty much obsessed with this streaming service at this point in time, and you want to be the same way.

It's honestly too much for your brain to take, and that's a real shame because you're not enjoying yourself enough.

This totally applies to friends, work friends, and guys, too.

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Life and love are both absolutely jam-packed with decisions big and small, and you just can't decide anything, because you think every decision is massive. If you can never make a real decision and you regret anything that you do decide, you're going to have a nervous breakdown.If you hate yoga, for example, don't force yourself to go because you're unsure if you really like it or not.If you're not into horror movies but your best friends are all obsessed, don't watch them even if you think that maybe you just haven't been in the right mood or frame of mind when you watched some.Being an indecisive woman is pretty much the worst. even when you're just trying to make drinks plans with a friend.You always wonder if you made the r Being an indecisive woman is pretty much the worst. even when you're just trying to make drinks plans with a friend.

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