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Visitors may catch a glimpse of the cats patrolling the edge of the moat.

On hot days, the cats—and Sumatran tigers, in particular—may choose to take a swim!

Millions of people from every part of the world come and visit this traditional festival taking place from the last week of September to the first week of October.

The capital of Bavaria is one of the most important economic and cultural centres of Germany.

These four tanks are drained more frequently than the engine and turret tanks.Therefore, animal care staff want to make sure that if a cub finds itself in that situation, it knows how to pull itself out of the water and onto shore.During the swim test, keepers stand guard and gently guide cubs in the right direction.Munich International Airport is the second largest Airport in Germany after Frankfurt.The airport is also known for its sophisticated architecture for which it was awarded the “European Steel Design Award” in 2005.

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