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If you want to argue this point fine, go somewhere else, but if you want an honest answer I'll try to give you one.First the most common fossil dating technique is relative dating.Of course that did not include the time the dinosaurs existed, since I don't recall any biblical reference to them on Noah's Ark.As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 70,000 lessons in math, English, science, history, and more.They might classify that interval as the Bipedal Primate Period, and you lived in the Era of Petroleum, do distinguish you from other fossil remains that came from earlier civilizations of Bipedal Primates. In addition, Tectonic events were occurring such as continental breakups that resulted in a lot of tensional faulting and basin creation, and the red beds were deposited in these basins.

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They could burrow into an underlying layer and become fossilized there, but in nearly all cases this would be accounted for in the "age range" assigned to the fossils of the creatures.So if the Widget fossil is found in sediments in layers of rock below the Do-hicky fossil in the layers above it, then the Widget fossil is older and it can be assumed that it lived before the Do-hicky.If they are round mixed together, then it is assumed that the period of time they existed overlapped with one another.A half life is the time it takes half the isotope to decay into the daughter isotope by shedding electrons. Sure it is not a precise day, week and month kid of dating method and usually results in a range that can vary quite a bit depending on the type and age of the fossil, but its better than trying to date something by counting the characters in the Bible and trying to come up with the time of creation of the Earth.The last time they tried that they said creation beganon October 22, 4004 B C at pm, making the earth somewhere around 6000 years old.

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