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Dolly echoes my own annoyance that non-single people assume there has to be a reason why you’re single.(Beyond to the very obvious answer – you haven’t met someone you want to shed your single status for! And I appreciate her frustration that society seems to see being single as a waiting game, particularly for women.As a happily single woman, like Dolly, I’m currently focused on living my life fully in the fast lane, not broken down on the hard shoulder. And yes, I would like a relationship at some point.And if the right man wants to come along for a ride (not a euphemism! But that doesn’t mean I’m unhappy or that I’m living my life in the shadows.

Now, however, it seems Jen may be finally moving on.

As she explains rather accurately “It seems to me that so much of a woman’s life is still meant to be about waiting for someone to jump start it.

Waiting for a right swipe on Tinder, waiting for a man to ask for her number, waiting for a key, a ring, a baby.” I love the imagery of the jump start.

Somewhere they can reassure themselves, 1) That they are not alone. 2) That being single isn’t a disease, requiring a cure.

Dolly’s article is equally positive about single life.

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