Ron and hermione dating in real life ed leighton dating

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The Yule Ball was coming up in five days and neither of them had managed to successfully get a girl to go with them. Actually, she wouldn't tell us." Fred grinned a little before saying, "Alright, we'll leave you two kids alone. It wasn't five minutes after Fred and George had left that Ginny joined Harry and Hermione. She couldn't help but feeling slightly uneasy, all alone with Harry. "I was thinking, maybe you'd want to go with me.""You want to go with me? They'd had their ups and downs, of course, but Ron had almost always been there for him, sticking up for his best mate. "But if it weren't for bloody Cedric Diggory, I'd already have a date."Harry and Ron were sitting in the common room after dinner. To his relief, Fred replied, "Nah, not that I know of. ""Well, I'm off to bed," Hermione said rather suddenly. " With that, she promptly walked up the stairs to the girl's dormitories."Well, that was weird," Ginny said. And that's not likely to happen, so…""Oh," Harry said, as his face turned fiery red. She couldn't believe she could have been so oblivious. She saw a whole web of future outcomes, some of them ending with a happy marriage, and others with a rather hard breakup. Harry looked rather dejected at Ginny's lack of response. Ron had been his first real friend, as Harry had never had any friends before he came to Hogwarts. Harry dressed rather slowly and walked downstairs to the common room, expecting an empty room However, he spotted an extremely nervous Ron sitting in an armchair near the dead fire."Hey, Ron," Harry said, nervous as well. ""Couldn't sleep," Ron replied, grinning broadly and looking rather pleased with himself. He was sure that she was waiting for Ron to ask her, even shooting down Viktor. She's already going with" -Harry paused to stop himself from cursing- "Cedric Diggory."Hermione laughed. Then, there was that other option…At that moment, he saw a couple of third year girls come into the common room, closely followed by Hermione. Not that she had that much homework to do with the Christmas holidays coming up, but she took SPEW very seriously. Harry wouldn't really mind that much if she didn't keep trying to advertise elf rights in the common room and trying to get people to join up .

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” Another added: “I am shocked beyond belief that Jo would feel that Harry/Hermione would be a better match.

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She hates that he calls her the insulting term "mud-blood" as well. Even JK Rowling herself said that Hermione would never end up with Malfoy; even though he ended up being a good guy in the last book JKR says that too much has happened for them to be anything more than civil to each other.

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