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Never has it been easier to meet new people to date, with dozens of apps and countless dating websites dedicated to connecting individuals together.

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After meeting through an online dating agency, Andrew Buckley and Sharen Joyce seemed to be really hitting it off, eventually ending up back at her apartment for a nightcap.Do you have any funny or scary online dating stories?Let us know in the comments for a chance to be featured in the next installment of this series.The following stories are from Drexel students who have braved dating apps like Tinder and Bumble in the hopes of landing a successful date. Once we got on the rooftop, I started taking in the beautiful view and taking pictures of the skyline and he started complaining that I wasn't looking him in the eye.Sadly, these stories didn’t end well but at least they lived to tell the tale and make us laugh. Elevator interrogation "I met this guy through Bumble and we had some common connections so I wasn't worried about him being crazy (yes, this is foreshadowing). After the most awkward kiss of my life, I told him I had to go study and we should probably head our separate ways. No way I was getting back in that elevator with him. Long story short, I went back to my apartment, he went back to his, and his texts remained unanswered." 2.

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