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What we didn’t know is that the drugs had changed considerably. But we, as his parents, thought this was going to solve his problem.

Always at the top of his class academically while struggling socially. While we were concerned, we were not overly as we both experimented with drugs in our teen years. While he graduated sum cum lauded one year earlier than his classmates, he was a heroin addict.

I like to think that he is finally at peace, free from the tortures of addiction. Whether you are someone in active addiction, in recovery, a family member with a loved one in active addiction or in recovery, or the dreaded, a person with a loved one lost to the disease, we all suffer. We must stay strong together to demand changes in treatment and in stigma.

I knew the time had come, his delicate state could no longer be supported. With his father and the priest present, life support was removed. I like to think that his soul was long gone from his body.

To have some time back and been totally honest with myself. He was in honors classes since 5th grade while playing in the orchestra and on travel baseball teams and later his school team as well.

We broke one another’s heart but you forever will have it. He was handsome, beyond smart, athletic, a musician and stubborn.

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If you would like to commemorate somebody, please add Tributes here. Erica Lane although we had grown apart you we’re a life long friend w a HUGE heart and an amazing soft loving spirit ! Worked with his Dr doing any new treatments they developed and taking regular medication as prescribed. Knowing that I will be with you both one day is what keeps me going. Until we meet again, MOM This goes out to my beautiful aunt Angela Kay..Tributes will be posted below as soon as they are approved. He touched so many lives and many of his friends in recovery credit him to being a part of their success. 25 years wasn’t enough but it’s all he was meant to live. 1978 to 2014 Destiny died with her husband Joe from a fentanyl overdose within hours of their 12th wedding anniversary. Your babies miss u terribly and I can’t imagine what your mom goes thru daily ! It doesn’t seem real but I know you’re at peace now and heaven got one of its angels back and heaven is a better place now that you are there !! Then one day he learned his dad had a terminal illness. the loss of your life has affected me in so many ways that not a day or minute or second goes by in my life that your not thought of.[Please be aware that as this is a public forum, any use of profanity or personal attacks in Tributes may lead to the Tribute not being published]. He left quite a mark on every person he knew and loved. Significantly missed by mom and their two children. He was already in a lot of pain that day but this news added to that.. My mom evelyn left this earth due to a heroin overdose when i was 12 years old she was a very strong person with a great sense of humor i diddnt really understand what she was going through as i was just a child but i learned later as i dealt with my own addiction i miss her everyday I LOVE YOU MOM Posted 06/07/2018 My son Stephen, 34 years old son died of a fentanyl overdose. He was all about helping people and would be happy to know that his sister, Joy and I now volunteer for NCHRC. Today and always I remember my son Cody who was 30 yrs old when he died from an overdose after suffering 15 years with his addiction. I have started a nonprofit organization offering support, education, and resources to all those affected by addiction as this is a devastating family disease that affects everyone who loves someone who is suffering from the disease. I miss you more and more everyday and love you to the moon and back. I prayed, I begged, I bargained, I had prayer groups all over the country praying for him, I called his friends. My son was gone, I was keeping his body barely alive , an intricate balance of drugs keeping his heart pumping. That week with him in ICU, his sister Caroline and I never left his side.

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