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When the trap was sprung, the stitches ripped open, nearly decapitating him. Women fainted, men screamed, and children were trampled as the crowd fled in terror.

Aury can be heard moaning where the old gallows used to be.

They also received a phone call from the boss' office even though he had left 2 hours earlier.

The speaker on the phone has come on by itself a couple of times also.

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The night before the hanging however, Aury managed to slit his own throat in effort to deprive the city of his humiliating spectacle.On rare occasions, his ghost will appear with a gaping slash across his neck covered in blood.Every year, around early August, a shadowy figure walks the beach of the Bali Hai hotel.September 2004 additional information: The radio station was at the Plantation that year because they were having a haunted house there for Halloween.Workers there report hearing loud bangs in the attic where no one is allowed to go. The land it sits on used to be swampland, and people say gangsters used to dispose of bodies there. There are about 10 beds there, with about 2 or 3 people dying each week (sometimes more).

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