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Customer data used or displayed within OTRS is highly customizable.

The following information is however always needed for customer authentication: If you want to customize the customer data, change the column headers or add new ones to the customer_user table in the OTRS database.

"Customer User1", "Customer User2" (see Example below).

Sometimes it can be useful to also store Customer User data directly in dynamic fields of a ticket, for example to create special statistics on this data.

The latter setting contains the configuration of which Customer User field entry should be stored in which ticket dynamic field.

The fields must be present in the system and should be enabled for Agent Ticket Free Text, so that they can be set manually.

To use company tickets, a new field has to be added to the LDAP directory that contains the IDs accessible by the customer.

This module has only read access to the LDAP tree, which means that you cannot edit your user data via the agent management interface.The dynamic field values are set when a ticket is created or when the customer of a ticket is changed.The values of the dynamic fields are taken from the customer data.This can be useful if a customer must access tickets of other customers, e.g.a supervisor wants to watch the tickets of his assistants.

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