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Poigaiyar, the Chera court poet, sings Kalavali Narpattu in praise of Kocengannan to secure his release, but the Chera king, feeling insulted when he is not given water to quench his thirst, breathes his last before his release can be ordered.

References to Chola kings in this period occur only in poetry and some literary texts.

(Again, Chera chronology would seem to suggest that this event be dated to the first century AD rather than the second century BC.) Perhaps around the same time (and most likely within a few years), Ilam Cheral Irumporai (Cheraman Kuddako of the 'northern' Irumporai Chera kings) is described by Perunkundrur Kilar as the lord of the cities Tondi, Kongu, and Puli.

He defeats Perunchola Ilam Palaiyan Maran (seemingly of the Cholas) and Vicci and destroys the five forts.

In fact, one of the names below, Aryaman (shortly after around 1000 BC), is the source of the name 'Iran'.

This particular Aryaman was not the one who gave his name to that land, but another Indo-European who also bore the name did just that.

(Information by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha, and additional information by Edward Dawson.) Prehistoric Cholas The Chola kings of the Sangam (literature) period have legends about the mythical Chola kings.Many royal chroniclers have a habit of tracing lineages to mythical characters which have no historical testimonials in order to establish a rich pedigree.The Anbil Plates give fifteen names before Vijayalaya Chola (of the Chola Empire), including the genuinely historical ones of Karikala, Perunarkilli and Kocengannan.Killivalavan captures the Chera capital, Karur, but he is defeated in battle by the Pandyas.Subsequently, he kills the Malainadu chief, Malayaman Tirumudikkari, in battle.

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