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Also while testing, I quickly remembered how not not every version of Gmail supports media queries, so I wonder if a fix that relies on media queries will truly fix this.I'm currently stripping down one of the templates to see if I can locate a common trouble-maker and make this work without needing media queries. the 2-col pattern in the fluid template seems to be a trouble-maker.Assuming Gmail eventually fixes this i OS bug, I look forward to removing it.Code and comments appear at line 88 of Hybrid template.Because it's not your entire music library in your pocket -- like the i Pod -- or the Internet on the go -- like the first i Phone -- the Apple Watch is tasked with carving out value of its own to get consumers on board.

Think of it as sort of a strategic advertisement that lives on the home screens of hundreds of millions of i Phone users.While Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives discussed new features and app partnerships, much of the attention has been focused on the pricing for the three models of the Apple Watch.Speculation had been running high since the September unveiling of the device, and today that its aluminum Sport model will be priced starting at 0, its steel middle-tier model will start at 0 and two 18-karat gold models will be priced starting at an eye-popping ,000 (or ,000 with a higher-end strap.) , may make for a tough sell.Email code, in general is a massive junk of "fixes" when one really wants the final design to look consistent.so here's just another one :) @dariobros @hitimes that is depressing but fair. We should fix this for all i Phone sizes, so I'm thinking of grabbing the portrait i Phone media queries from here and replicating this 4-5 times. sounds like a plan, things keep changing and the css code may need updating too.

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