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The company structure A business may be referred to approvingly as an enterprise to emphasize its adventurous, risk-taking qualities, and business in general may be referred to in the same way, for example in combinations such as free enterprise and private enterprise. Large companies are referred to as corporations, especially in the United States.

Sector is sometime used to mean industry in the same way, particularly by specialist, but it is more often used to talk about different parts of the economy in combinations such as public sector and private sector, or about types of business in expressions like service sector and manufacturing sector.

It will be irrevocable letter of credit case its most secure and trusted method.

It is using of the successful practice of other companies in the work of your own firm. There are accumulated another job which need his attention and sudden illness of the secretary and unexpected delay of two containers with m-type desks which must be received by the client in Rotterdam. He told about how he had find new agent in Abracan market and they decided what method of payment they will used.

Who is responsible for the submission of a Memorandum of Association and other documents to the Registrar of companies when the company is set up and the publication of annual account.

British company law requires a limited company to have a company secretary.

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