Updating album artwork on iphone

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What I've found is when you change an album artwork from the previous it looks like it has worked until the update like you say but then will revert back to the original or some songs just won't change to the cover art you want.

The problem here some songs within the album seem to retain the old art so when you add the new cover art they will have two and when it updates somehow itunes Match sees the old file within the album and automatically changes the whole album back to the original cover art that's in the cloud.

Check out the examples below: For example, Ride of the Valkyries shows album-art of ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ when I first synced to the device.

i Cloud Music Library is a feature of Apple Music and i Tunes Match that allows you to access all of your content from any of your devices, as long as you're signed in to those devices with the same Apple ID and have i Cloud Music Library turned on.For the record, these albums are present in my i Tunes library and they display it correctly.Be advised, this problem only with the album-art, not the song meta-data.The way to make sure you can get rid of this problem is have your i Tunes view in album format.I can't remember the exact sequence but you need to right click (windows) to bring up the options on the album then click on the get info. This will wipe any artwork that is currently on it.

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