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I'm creating flag sprites, so I've named my directory flags and placed three PNGs in the directory.

In a new SCSS file that I've called `flags.scss` (the name here is not important), the following three lines will, in order, import Compass' sprite making tools, glob import the PNGs to be converted to sprites (notice that the path here does not include images/), and then generate the CSS for the sprites.

This is better illustrated using a live example, where an iframe lets its parent know that its contents have changed, so that the Iframe can be resized.

To date, I've seen this message on 3 of our agency's systems.

I've tried updating/repairing, uninstalling and re-installing, etc.

Generating sprites with Compass takes some additional setup and maintenance, but if you're already using Compass, it fits in well with your existing workflow.

Two of the systems are Dell towers, with Intel processors, and one is an HP laptop.

The website just points me to Adobe to get the latest version of Adobe Reader.

j Query post Message enables simple and easy Message communication in browsers that support it (FF3, Safari 4, IE8), while falling back to a document.communication method for all other browsers (IE6, IE7, Opera).

With the addition of the Message method, Java Script finally has a fantastic means for cross-domain frame communication.

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