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Although the data is stored in incompatible files, the data (draw objects, recorded GPS tracks, etc) itself is transferable via the Windows Clipboard.

If both Streets/Autoroute and Map Point are installed on the same computer, you can start both programs at the same time.

You could then color-code county-area overlays based on the total sales volume of all the stores inside that particular county.

Further, Map Point has an extensive API (Applications Programming Interface) that allows external programs to pass data directly to Map Point in real time via Windows DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange), and to command Map Point to draw/plot it in various ways.

It is this API that allows outside (non-Microsoft) developers to create custom applications for Map Point such as vehicle location systems, 911 answering point displays, Wi Fi-hotspot survey systems, etc.

Such applications can either show up as separate applications, or appear as plug-ins (i.e. In this respect, Map Point is similar to Microsoft Word and Excel.

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In Map Point, the size, color or symbol type can be varied based on the values in other fields of the list being read; i.e. For example, you can place house icons on the map based on address, and then color-code them (or vary the size) based on the selling price.These mapping programs don't actually know the exact location of each street address.Rather, the internal database only has the beginning and ending address numbers on each side of a "street segment" (typically a city block, sometimes several city blocks, or even several miles/kilometers in rural areas).(You can read older overlays in newer versions of each program, but you can't save any changes back to the older formats.) Streets and Autoroute can't open overlay files created in Map Point.Map Point can read overlay files from Streets or Autoroute, but it can only save changes into it's current version of .

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