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#349E: E is the smallest size made of this design; I have no explanation for the blue “C” mark.#376 Stars & Stripes, designed in 1905; bottom markings almost totally obscured, possibly because of small size. (always) A 1905 with no Design #, but 433, we believe.1905: Robert Wyman Newton shows 5 versions of markings for these pieces.All have inscribed Double-A, Van Briggle, 1905; as well as impressed Design #.The Van Briggle studios produce the early designs of its founders, Artus and Anne Van Briggle, as well as pieces created over the years that compliment their celebrated style, in a variety of colors -- both historic and contemporary.Van Briggle Pottery Festival & Tour – Sept 15, 2018 – a.m. 1125 Glen Avenue, Colorado Springs One-hour walking tours begin every 20 minutes, from 9 a.m. Tours are , & free for children under 14 who are accompanied by an adult.Many of these “chocolate clay” pieces have the clay color showing through the glaze on the high points of the design. #534 Unglazed bottom with a “designer’s mark” on the right side of the Double-A, Van Briggle, Colo.Spgs., 1906 (it is a 0, not a 1 in real life) and Design #534 all incised.

It cannot be x-rayed, as the opening is too small to allow the x-ray to view the bottom markings.

Located at Uintah & Glen in Colorado Springs, the magnificent building is covered inside and out with over 5000 hand-made tile. owned and operated the building […] Throughout December, 2015; a special Van Briggle display showcase will be featured in the Claremont County Administration Building, 101 E. In the future, anyone may contact me through my personal email [email protected] do try and answer all emails within 24 hours, and enjoy seeing photos […] September 12 was the annual tour of the Van Briggle 1908 Memorial Pottery in Colo. The event is hosted annually by the Women’s Education Society of Colorado College, and serves as a fundraiser toward their scholarship efforts.

NOW LET’S GET STARTED: CLICK ON ANY PHOTO TO ENLARGE 1900: Artus produced a few pieces dated 1900, most of which were while we was living at Chico Basin Ranch. Robert Wyman Newton has drawn a picture from photo of one of these earliest pieces.

Stanley obtained the piece several years ago from an Ohio antique mall. The […] A Dedication of Memorial Plaque to Fred Wills was installed on Sept 9, 2017.

It was placed on the wall of Anne Van Briggle’s Studio in the Memorial Pottery building.

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