Who is new york from flavor of love dating now

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But the I Love New York star, real name Tiffany Pollard, has been very open about her journey under the knife.

Speaking last year during season 10 of The Doctors, she said: “I love plastic surgery, there’s nothing wrong with that! “Plastic surgery has a really bad rap, and I don’t like that.

Usually, a show like "the bachelor" which this is, is centered around a guy who is rich, or good-looking, or famous in recent memory.She's had her nose done, her jaw done and her breasts."I have to say, if we're being 100 percent honest, I regret getting my nipples removed and put back on so many times, because, with each time, you remove some of the sensitivity, so just going up and down in my cup sizes were fine, but they have to remove the nipple every time they do that.SAVOR THE FLAVOR – HE’S CRUDE, HE’S CRAZY BUT LADIES CAN’T STOP LOVING HIM THE first time I saw Flavor Flav, I thought he was nasty – a smarmy rapper with gold teeth and unfortunate fashion sense, the kind of man who accessorizes with a giant wall clock and a Viking helmet. Well, only a blind mother could love that gnomish mug.Flav, as far as I could tell, was an unlikely stud. Forget about the flashy grills on his teeth, the satin bedroom ensembles that adorn his boudoir and the disgusting way he gnaws on chicken wings. She started a blog called Flavorlicious just to sing his praises.

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